Kremlin demands NATO to stop “aerial espionage” on its borders
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The number of NATO aircraft flights near the Russian borders increased by more than 30% in 2021 compared to the previous year, according to data announced by Viktor Bondarev, director of the Defense and Security Commission, during an annual meeting with accredited foreign military attachés at Russia. And it was at this meeting that Bondarev demanded that the allies “stop aerial espionage”, as Interfax says.

“Unfortunately, the states that signed the North Atlantic Treaty have considerably stepped up reconnaissance flights close to our borders,” said Viktor Bondarev.

“We believe that this practice is very hostile and provocative, so we ask you to stop,” he added, quoted by the Russian press.

“Russia is not interested in increasing tensions with any state and we are even available for more constructive interaction with the United States and its allies, but stop these flights,” stressed Bondarev.

Source: with Agencies

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