US Congressman proposes inclusion of Taiwan in the “NATO Plus” group
rep scott perry ver

US Congressman Scott Perry presented to the House of Representatives a proposal for Taiwan to be included in the “NATO Plus” group, which groups the United States’ main allies outside the Atlantic Alliance.

The proposal, known as the “Taiwan Plus Law”, was presented on March 19 and has already been sent to the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives for discussion, according to the Voice of America Chinese language service.

If approved, the proposal would make Taiwan, whose sovereignty is contested by China, the 6th member of the “Nato Plus” group, which currently includes Japan, Australia, South Korea, Israel, and New Zealand.

In the project, Perry says that although Taiwan has been informally designated as a “major non-NATO ally” (MNNA) since 2003, it has no formal recognition as such and that it is a “critical” territory for the United States external security.

The MNNA statute gives these US partners privileges in the area of ​​defense, namely in the acquisition of arms, but it does not commit the United States to their protection, as the Atlantic Alliance does.

Since 2001, China has managed to prevent 17 Taiwanese diplomatic allies from recognizing their sovereignty, including Sao Tome and Principe.

The most recent to turn to Beijing was the Solomon Islands and Kiribati.

Source: with Agencies

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