Tip: How to know the history of Windows 10 updates quickly
Windows Update

Over the years, and if all goes well, Windows 10 will receive updates. These bring the expected improvements and bug fixes. Of course associated are also the news and improved features.

These are present, but the user loses control of what he installed and when he did it. Windows 10 has, in a non-direct way, everything registered and that can be consulted. Today we show you how to see this information and thus know the history of Windows 10 updates quickly.

Gather information through PowerShell

The PowerShell can be an ally of Windows 10 users. With this tool they can consult a lot of information about this system and that otherwise would have to be seen in an isolated or decontextualized way. The example is in the command below.

$OSUpgradeHistory = $(gci "HKLM:\System\Setup" | ? {$_.Name -match "\\Source\s"}) | % { $_ | Select @{n="UpdateTime";e={if ($_.Name -match "Updated\son\s(\d{1,2}\/\d{1,2}\/\d{4}\s\d{2}:\d{2}:\d{2})\)$") {[dateTime]::Parse($Matches[1],([Globalization.CultureInfo]::CreateSpecificCulture('en-US')))}}}, @{n="ReleaseID";e={$_.GetValue("ReleaseID")}},@{n="Branch";e={$_.GetValue("BuildBranch")}},@{n="Build";e={$_.GetValue("CurrentBuild")}},@{n="ProductName";e={$_.GetValue("ProductName")}},@{n="InstallTime";e={[datetime]::FromFileTime($_.GetValue("InstallTime"))}} };

Once again, you should place this command in a PowerShell Terminal window. It will process the information obtained before Windows 10 registration. The result will now be visible and will finally give information to the user.

Users only need to read the information


You will see a list of all updates installed over time appear, with dates, version numbers, and even the name. Interestingly, previous versions of Windows may have been present there, if they have upgraded to the new version.

It is in this simple way that they can check all the updates that Windows 10 has been receiving. The information is ordered, filtered, and well presented. They do not need to see it in an interface with other mixed information that sometimes only confuses users.

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