Ship stranded on the Suez Canal is blocking sea traffic

A container ship ran aground on the Suez Canal and caused maritime circulation to stop on one of the most used routes in the world.

A photo released on Tuesday shows the ship MV Ever Given, with a 400-meter-long, 59-meter-long Taiwan flag, traversing the canal preventing traffic.

The container ship ran aground accidentally, probably after being hit by a gust of wind,” Evergreen Marine Corp. told France-Presse.

The company adds that “it is in contact with the parties involved, including the authority that manages the Suez Canal, to help the ship as soon as possible”.

The Bloomberg agency indicates that, after the incident, more than 100 ships are awaiting the possibility of passing through the channel.

“There was an incident, (the ship) ran aground,” BSM Hong Kong director who manages MV Ever Given told Bloomberg.

According to the maritime surveillance portal Vessel Finder, the ship is destined for the port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

“The tugs are currently trying to get the ship to sail again,” said the company Leth Agencies, which provides services to customers using the channel.

So far, Egyptian authorities have yet to comment on the incident.

The Suez Canal opened in 1869, guarantees the passage of 10% of international maritime trade.

About 19,000 ships used the passage in 2020, according to the Suez Canal Authority (SCA).

Sea crossing is an essential source of income for Egypt, which benefited from $ 5.6 billion in fees last year.

Source: with Agencies

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