Iran and Russia tried, but there was no interference in the US presidential

The American authorities found no evidence of foreign interference in the November 2020 presidential elections, despite fears that there was interference in the elections and that they required the adoption of additional measures.

Despite fears and evidence of interference, notably from the Kremlin, in the 2016 presidential election – which elected Republican Donald Trump and whose investigation led to the thesis of collusion between Moscow and elements of Trump’s candidacy – there is no evidence to suggest this. with regard to the November 3 elections of last year.

The suffrage that culminated in the victory of Democrat Joe Biden was carried out with complete integrity, according to several reports released today, quoted by the Associated Press (AP).

However, US officials have found a “broader matrix” of countries that have tried to influence presidential candidates, in comparison to previous electoral acts.

According to a report by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized interference operations to undermine Biden’s candidacy and in support of Trump’s, however, hackers did not insistently try to ‘enter’ the electoral infrastructure, that is, in the counting of votes, I enter others.

Iran, on the other hand, tried to undermine the possibilities of Trump’s re-election, says the same document, while China has not tried to influence the election results, a possible reflection of Beijing’s desire to build a more stable relationship with Washington.

Source: Agences

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