Autonomous bus advances at Tokyo airport
byd autonomous bus

Japanese airline All Nippon Airways is participating in a project to introduce an autonomous bus at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport.

The project also has the collaboration of the Chinese giant electric bus manufacturer BYD and the BYD K9 model, which has the capacity to transport up to 57 people.

byd onibus autonomo toquio x

After three rounds of tests that took place from 2018 to 2020, the initiative continued this year with a 10-day trial with a vehicle with practically a level 3 of autonomous driving, according to BYD.

At level 3, vehicles are already capable of accelerating, decelerating, braking, overtaking vehicles, and bypassing obstacles without any human intervention.

It was the first BYD partially autonomous electric bus to be tested and used in a real scenario.

A experiência, que decorreu numa área específica do aeroporto ao longo de um itinerário de 1,9 km, permitiu recolher dados que irão contribuir para aprimorar as funções de condução autónoma e a eficiência operacional do veículo.

According to All Nippon Airways, after this test, the semi-autonomous BYD K9 electric bus could enter the fully operational phase later this year 2021.

The goal is to subsequently place a fully autonomous bus in these types of operations, integrated with the objective of Haneda to be a “Simple and Intelligent” airport by 2025.

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