The US Congress approved the US economic recovery plan presented by President Joe Biden
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The US Congress on Wednesday approved the US economic recovery plan presented by President Joe Biden, 50 days after taking office. 220 Democrats approved the package that includes checks for $ 1400 per person to about 90% of families.

Despite the blunt opposition of the Republicans, who criticize the measures, arguing with their size and their bad direction, the Democrats, who are the majority in the House of Representatives, managed to approve the package that relaunched the US economy of 1.89 billion euros. dollars (1.6 billion euros), equivalent to Italy’s Gross Domestic Product.

The White House has already announced that Biden will enact the plan on Friday.

In the end, it was only the House Democrats who passed the legislation in a vote that followed the party line, with 220 in favor and 211 against. No Republicans voted in favor and there was one Democrat voting against the bill: Rep. Jared Golden, from Maine.

The approval of the bill marks the first major legislative achievement of the new executive and a Congress that is now under Democratic control, with a limited majority in the House and Senate.

The main incentives in the package include:

– Stimulus payments of up to $ 1400 per person will send money to about 90% of American households

– A $ 300 million federal increase for weekly unemployment benefits

– An expansion of the child tax credit of up to $ 3600 per child

– 350 billion in state and local aid, as well as a few billion dollars for schools for students under the age of 12 to help children return to classrooms; to help small businesses affected by the pandemic, and for research, development, and distribution of vaccines.

– Extension of 15% increase in food stamp benefits until September

– Support for families to reduce the amount of rent payable

The text of the package is now going to be revised and signed in the House and Senate and then goes on to the White House for Biden’s signature. Within a few days, much of the money should be available. Support checks for $ 1400 may start arriving as early as next week

Source: Agences

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