The new Ferrari for the Formula 1 World Championship
ferrari tera charles leclerc ao lado de carlos sainz na temporada da f v x

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New single-seater from Maranello’s team is an evolution of the 2020 SF1000

Ferrari unveiled this Wednesday the new SF21, the single-seat that Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr, will use in the new Formula 1 season.

SF MB CL CS crop x

The SF21, which will try to forget the 2020 season of Ferrari, comes with the traditional red paint and incorporates on the rear wing the burgundy color used by the Italian team to celebrate its 1000 race in the Formula 1 World Championship, held last year in Mugello, in addition to the sponsor appearing in green.

SF Fronte x

SF Fronte x

This is the 67th F1 single-seater to be built at Maranello and, according to Ferrari, it is an evolution of the SF1000, which forced technicians from the Italian brand to work in all areas allowed by the regulation, from the engine, which is totally new, passing through the aerodynamics and the rear, where the two development sheets allowed in the regulations were used.

“The new single-seater that Carlos Sainz Jr and Charles Leclerc are going to use has been completely revised compared to the 2020 model. In this sense, we have tried to improve all areas of the new SF21, we have revised the aerodynamics and we have a completely new power unit. I am sure that this year will be full of changes ”, underlined Mattia Binotto in the presentation of the new Ferrari car.

SF TreQuarti x

Among the most significant changes presented by the new single-seater from the Maranello team, is the work done at the level of the chassis, which features a narrower rear.

“When we started the SF21 project, our first task was to identify the area where we should start in order to achieve a radical change. We chose the rear, designing a new gearbox and a new suspension system. In this way, and together with the driving unit team, the work resulted in a much tighter rear end ”, underlined Enrico Cardile, responsible for Ferrari for the chassis team.

SF Fronte x

SF Fronte x

The new Ferrari SF21 will make its debut on the track as early as Thursday in Bahrain, on the traditional filming day, which will be the first opportunity for Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr to complete the first 100 kilometers with the new single-seat, before starting of the three days of pre-season that takes place between the 12th and the 14th of March and that anticipate the first race of the season, the Bahrain GP, ​​which will take place on the 28th of March.

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