Greek and Roman Gods
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During the 4th and 3rd centuries BC, the Romans met the Greeks who were installed in the southern region of what is now Italy since the 8th century BC In addition to some conflicts and exchanges of goods, these two peoples exchanged, or rather, began to exchange something equally important ideas.

Between the 2nd and 1st centuries B.C. the Romans conquered the Balkan Peninsula, where the Greek civilization developed. There the Romans made many slaves, among them several Greek scholars.

Upon arriving in Rome, these enslaved sages performed various functions, such as, for example, educating the children of the aristocratic families of the Empire. In educating these children, the sages passed on many of their values ​​to them. In other words, they transmitted values ​​of Greek culture to Roman children, making them assimilate those values ​​and mix them with their own, as in the case of gods and religion.

Children become adults, but they do not lose the values ​​passed on by the Greek sages. These adults end up continuing these values. There are several examples of this mixture of values, but the best known is the association of the Greek gods with the Roman gods. Zeus, the main Greek god, was associated with Jupiter; Ares, the war god of the Greeks was associated with Mars, the Roman god of war. Therefore, through this association, several characteristics of the Greek gods were incorporated into the Roman gods.

Greek god Roman God

Function or Feature

Zeus Jupiter Father of gods and men, the main god of Olympus.
Kronos Saturn God of time, father of Zeus. He belonged to the race of the Titans.
Hera Juno Queen of the gods, wife of Zeus.
Hephaestus Vulcano Olympian artist, made the rays that Zeus launched on mortals. Son of Zeus and Hera.
Poseidon Neptune Lord of the ocean, brother of Zeus.
Hades/Dis Pluto Lord of the kingdom of the dead, brother of Zeus.
Ares Mars God of war, son of Zeus and Hera.
Apolo Febo God of the sun, the art of shooting with the bow, music and prophecy. Son of Zeus and Latona.
Artemis Diana Goddess of hunting and the moon, Apollo’s sister.
Aphrodite Venus God of beauty and love, he was born from the foams of the sea.
Eros Cupid God of love, son of Venus.
Palas Athens Minerva Goddess of wisdom was born from the head of Zeus.
Hermes Mercury God of dexterity and skill, worshiped by traders. Son and messenger of Zeus.
Demeter Ceres Goddess of agriculture, daughter of Cronos and Ops.
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