Canceled Missions: Apollo 18, 19 and 20

Apollo 18, 19, and 20 missions were canceled in the Apollo Program.

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The Apollo Program was created by NASA, the agency responsible for the United States’ special programs, with the objective of taking the man to the Moon. The space travel program was developed in the context of the Cold War, in which the United States and the Soviet Union competed intensely in an ideological dispute. The Americans polarized the world in defense of capitalism, while the Soviets did the counterpoint in defense of socialism. The confrontation at the ideological level put everything in dispute, the two sides wanted to show that they were more powerful in all aspects. In this context, the space race was one of the most striking factors in the conflict. The Soviet Union took the lead by sending the first living thing into space, forcing the United States to provide an equivalent response.

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Apollo landing sites

From 1961, the United States invested heavily to stick its flag on the Moon. The arrival on Earth’s natural satellite had great symbolic value in an ideological dispute against the Soviet Union. NASA coordinated the space program and initially launched seven unmanned missions. These missions provided the necessary scientific knowledge that the United States needed to send man further and further into space. From the Apollo 8 mission, the trips started to be manned and approached the final objective that was the Moon. The peak of this American space program happened in 1969, when, on July 20, the Apollo 11 space mission stepped on the Moon. It was the first time in history that man has come this far, which has had an intense repercussion in the context of the ideological dispute of the period.

After Apollo 11, other space missions took place with the aim of exploring the lunar territory. The Apollo 17 mission, in 1972, was the last of the Apollo Program for exploration of the Moon. That year, the US government cut the funds, Congress withdrew support and public opinion was already showing disinterest in the matter. Due to the budget cut, some missions planned to integrate the Apollo Program were readapted under the name of Skylab Program. The Apollo spacecraft continued to be used until 1975. The Apollo 18 Project was scheduled to launch in 1972 and was made up of three members. It was an unprecedented mission carried out in conjunction with the Soviet space program Soyuz. For this reason, the mission was also called Apollo-Soyuz.

The Apollo 18 mission went to space, but not on the moon (officially). In 2011, when a film with the mission’s name was released telling what was supposed to have happened in space, which the American special agency declared was all fiction.

The Apollo 19 Project was scheduled to land on the Moon in its most hidden region, where, allegedly, members of the Apollo 15 mission would have photographed the wreckage of an alien spacecraft. The Apollo 19 mission would consist of three members and, according to NASA, would leave in July 1972. The mission was canceled, according to official statements. But there are reports that the mission did exist, explored the hidden side of the Moon, and made contact with many alien artifacts. Even with bodies of these beings. During the Apollo 19 mission, all equipment would have inexplicably failed. In Texas, NASA exhibits the Command and Service Module, the lunar module, and the Saturn V rocket that would be used in the mission and were never completed. But NASA also never commented on statements about the trip and contact with alien artifacts.


The Apollo 20 Project was scheduled to be launched in December 1972 and aimed to explore the far side of the Moon. Two years earlier, NASA declared the suspension of the mission due to the budget constraint imposed at the time. There are people who claim that the mission existed secretly and was impactful. The Apollo 20 Project would have landed on the far side of the Moon and explored the place where aliens would have lived many years ago. The return to Earth’s natural satellite would be due to the supposed photos of alien spaceships taken during the Apollo 15 manned mission. With the return, the astronauts would have more calmly explored the site and found several alien artifacts that were collected and analyzed on Earth and also the body of an alien female who was in excellent condition, which was named Monalisa. There are several testimonies stating that many ruins of alien cities were found and also forms of writing never seen before.


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