Red Bull now has a new challenge ahead and in addition to making its chassis, it will now also have the mission to make its driving units.

The agreement reached with Honda, which allows the Austrian structure to retain the intellectual rights of the Japanese unit, means that for the first time in its history, Red Bull is 100% independent.

“It has to be a long-term project when you see the investment needed for that. We also want to use it after the current regulations. It shows the commitment of Red Bull and Dietrich Mateschitz to F1 and that we are not afraid to take risks, ”said Christian Horner to The Race.

“’I think we have achieved more with our group responsible for the chassis than anyone ever thought possible, and we want to do the same with the engine. Without this situation, Red Bull’s interest could have quickly disappeared, but now we have our destiny in our own hands. Red Bull is now a team too big to be a customer, with ambitions that sometimes exceed those of the manufacturer. This gives us freedom ”.

Of course, for that, it is necessary someone who is responsible for the structure that now starts functions and one of the names that was promptly conveyed was that of Andy Cowell, responsible for the Mercedes unit: join us. As far as I know, Cowell wants to work outside of F1 and Mario (Illien) has his own company in partnership with Honda. Perhaps there are opportunities for the future. For now, however, we need to find a technical director, a manager and an operations director, and we have some candidates in mind for that ”, concludes team leader Red Bull Racing.

Source: Agencies

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