Storm Darcy paints northern Europe white


A huge snowfall has hit in recent days over several European countries, such as the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, among others. The person in charge, appointed by the Dutch meteorological service, was a storm, Darcy. Check with us for the impressive images.

An intense cold wave hit the North and East of the European continent, which is now struggling with its effects. The Netherlands has been hit hard by the Darcy storm that has spread to other European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Germany. This was the first major snowstorm that the Dutch have experienced in the past 10 years. A 60 cm layer of snow blocked two highways earlier this week – the A7 and the A9.

Winter weather Feb rd

Attempts to clear the roads were unsuccessful, as they were immediately covered by a new white blanket. Air traffic also experienced forced changes in the country. In Germany, air, rail and road connections have been completely interrupted.

The effects of the Darcy storm were also visible in various parts of the United Kingdom, such as the Yorkshire Dales region which was completely covered with snow. The weather warnings issued by the authorities remain in effect until Wednesday.

snow amsterdam netherlands

Snow Amsterdam Netherlands

If we look to the east, in Russia, it is customary to deal with snow at this time of year, but the negative temperatures have managed to hit record levels. Thermometers registered up to 30 ºC below zero – 12 ºC less than normal. In Poland, constant snowfall does not allow a return to normal. The roads are blocked and the snowplows have had a lot of work ahead of them.

Source: Agencies

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