This is the queue for a testing center: the USA has never had so many covid-19 patients in hospitals and even oxygen starts to run out in LA

Los Angeles County is already starting to dose oxygen in ambulances: not only are these emergency teams being instructed to give oxygen only to the worst-off patients but, if there is little chance of survival, they have been told not to take patients to the hospital, treating and declaring death on the spot, to avoid saturation.

The year started with worrying numbers in the United States and a certainty: there are more than 131 thousand patients with covid-19 in hospitals in that country, it is a maximum value since the beginning of the health crisis, says the Washington Post.

The data, which uncover the consequences of the festive seasons, are from Tuesday and increasingly suggest a scenario of rupture in some American hospitals. In Los Angeles (LA), for example, says the “Post”, oxygen is lacking in medical units and the shortage is already starting to dose in ambulances: not only emergency teams are being guided to give oxygen only to patients in a worse state as in case there is little chance of survival, but they were also told not to take patients to the hospital, treating and declaring death on the spot, to avoid saturation. What’s more, some LA hospitals have even rejected ambulances in the past few days for failing to ensure the proper airflow needed to treat patients.

Hilda Solis, Los Angeles County supervisor, told CNN the following: “Hospitals are declaring internal disasters and have had to open churches and gyms to serve as hospital units. Our health workers are physically and mentally exhausted and sick. [It is] a human disaster ”. That county has almost 7900 hospitalized patients with covid-19, of which 21% are in the Intensive Care Units (ICU).

The real impact of the Christmas and New Year celebrations is not yet known, as the symptoms only appear five or seven days after the infection, and in those first 48 hours, when there are still no symptoms, there is a strong probability of infecting other contacts. next.

According to this article in the New York Times, which is being updated, just over a fifth of North American hospitals with intensive care (638) reported that, in the last week of December, at least 95% of beds in the ICUs are busy. In the country, these UCI beds have an occupancy of 77%. The article was updated on January 4.

According to the Post, Arizona has the highest rate of hospitalizations for covid-19. In the Atlanta area, he says, almost all major hospitals are practically full, which led to the opening of field hospitals for the third time in this health crisis.

The United States, which will have a new president from January 20, registered 3936 deaths and another 250,173 infected in the last 24 hours. It is the country in the world with the most identified cases and fatal victims: 357,067 deaths and 21,036,174 cases of infection.

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