If you consider who is on the list of “Pioneering bands of hard sounds” you cannot help wondering what the Scandinavians mix into their mother´s milk, but the musicians from the north of Europe seemingly occupy two-thirds off this ranking. And also DYNAZTY from Stockholm is no exception. Today the band is comprised of highly respected and sought-after musicians, active on the metal scene in more than one way. Bassist Jonathan Olsson can also be seen in both LINDEMANN and PAIN, guitarist Love Magnusson and drummer Georg Härnsten Egg frequently tour with rock legends such as DEE SNIDER and JOE LYNN TURNER. Guitarist Mikael Lavér has been featured with both LINDEMANN and JOE LYNN TURNER, while singer Nils Molin can be heard and seen around the globe with the ever-rising star of fellow Swedish band AMARANTHE.


Formed in 2008 in the Swedish capital, shortly afterward the arrival of singer extraordinaire Nils Molin perfects the five-piece, which gained a cult following and critical acclaim with its epic melodic metal, five great albums, and any number of shows. The band started out with their 2009 debut “Bring The Thunder”, but after that straying from their early days of 80’s influenced Hardrock, they have developed and refined their sound into something that merges the modern metal scene with the past, crafting something wholly unique. On every further release, the Swedes add a pinch of hardness, new innovative influences without ever losing sight of their catchy melodies. 

After ”Titanic Mass“, which is a chunk of an album, and the hit machine ”Firesign“, the successor will be released on April 3rd, 2020. ”The Dark Delight” is their biggest and most engrossing album so far and the only logical step in the evolution of DYNAZTY. Spearheaded by the first single/music video ”Presence Of Mind”, DYNAZTY enters the new decade with a bang. 

With guitar riffs like machinegun fire, fast and snappy as a shark combined with Molins eminent voice soaring over orchestral arrangements and huge background vocals, ”The Dark Delight” will leave you begging for more.

This high-energy mix of playing and perfection, coupled with the extraordinary vocals, proves how eclectic this band is. Produced by the band themselves and mixed by the world-renowned Jacob Hansen (FLOTSAM & JETSAM, VOLBEAT, U.D.O, AMARANTHE, DESTRUCTION), ”The Dark Delight” soars as the bombshell of an album. DYNAZTY brings a bunch of hits to the party and definitely put themselves forward as worthy candidates for the top places in the Big League of Melodic Metal.

Singer Nils Molin pictures the new album:

”We pulled out all the stops, pulled no punches, and held nothing back on this one. ”The Dark Delight” is the complete vision of what this band has always wanted to be. 

From this date on, the rest of the world can hear for themselves just how good DYNAZTY truly are with this huge, riff-soaked rock monster that will be impossible to stop playing!

George Egg Drums, Vocals (backing) (2007-present)
Rob Love Magnusson Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals (backing) (2007-present)
Nils Molin Vocals (2007-present)
Mike Lavér Guitars (2012-present)
Jonathan Olsson Bass, Vocals (backing) (2013-present)
Name Type Year
Bring the Thunder Full-length 2009
This Is My Life Single 2011
Knock You Down Full-length 2011
Land of Broken Dreams Single 2012
Sultans of Sin Full-length 2012
Raise Your Hands Single 2012
Starlight Single 2014
Renatus Full-length 2014
Roar of the Underdog Single 2016
The Human Paradox Single 2016
Titanic Mass Full-length 2016
The Grey Single 2018
Firesign Full-length 2018
Presence of Mind Single 2020
Heartless Madness Single 2020
Waterfall Single 2020
The Dark Delight Full-length 2020


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