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All that remained was to count the votes in the states of Georgia and North Carolina

The final results of the US presidential elections were announced this Friday. With the closing of accounts in the states of Georgia and North Carolina, Joe Biden managed to raise 306 delegates from the Electoral College, when he only needed 270 to be elected president.

The elected president won in the state of Georgia, which has already announced a recount of the votes for January, after several allegations of fraud on the Republican side, represented by Donald Trump, have emerged. The electoral commission of that state justified the recount with the small difference between both candidates.

Despite this, even if the new count gives Donald Trump victory, Joe Biden will remain the elected president.

The result obtained by Joe Biden equals that of Donald Trump in 2016, who at the time beat Hillary Clinton. The still American president got only 232 electoral votes.

Check the list of winners by state:

Winning State Number of votes attributed
Alabama Donald Trump 9
Alaska Donald Trump 3
Arkansas Donald Trump 6
Arizona Joe Biden 11
California Joe Biden 55
North Carolina Donald Trump 15
South Carolina Donald Trump 9
Colorado Joe Biden 9
Connecticut Joe Biden 7
North Dakota Donald Trump 3
South Dakota Donald Trump 3
Delaware Joe Biden 3
District of Columbia Joe Biden 3
Florida Donald Trump 29
Georgia Joe Biden 16
Hawaii Joe Biden 4
Idaho Donald Trump 4
Illinois Joe Biden 20
Indiana Donald Trump 11
Iowa Donald Trump 6
Kansas Donald Trump 6
Kentucky Donald Trump 8
Louisiana Joe Biden 8
Maine Joe Biden * 3 votes for Biden and 1 for Trump
Maryland Joe Biden 10
Massachusetts Joe Biden 11
Michigan Joe Biden 16
Minnesota Joe Biden 10
Mississippi Donald Trump 6
Missouri Donald Trump 10
Montana Donald Trump 3
Nebraska Donald Trump * 4 votes for Trump and 1 for Biden
Nevada Joe Biden 6
New Hampshire Joe Biden 4
New Jersey Joe Biden 14
New York Joe Biden 29
New Mexico Joe Biden 5
Oklahoma Donald Trump 7
Ohio Donald Trump 18
Oregon Joe Biden 7
Pennsylvania Joe Biden 20
Rhode Island Joe Biden 4
Tennessee Donald Trump 11
Texas Donald Trump 38
Utah Donald Trump 6
Vermont Joe Biden 3
Virginia Joe Biden 13
West Virginia Donald Trump 5
Washington Joe Biden 12
Wisconsin Joe Biden 10
Wyoming Donald Trump 3

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