Three Russian soldiers killed in the attack on the military base. 20 year old soldier wanted

At least three Russian soldiers died this Monday morning in an attack on an airbase 320 km from Moscow. Hired soldier, 20 years old, is being sought by the authorities.

At least three Russian military personnel died this Monday morning in the wake of an attack by another soldier at the Malshevo airbase (also known as Baltimore), outside Voronezh, some 320 kilometers from Moscow. A fourth victim was hospitalized and, according to the Russian press, was seriously injured but not at risk of death.

There are several reports about what happened after the attack, at 5:45 am (minus 5 am in mainland Portugal): some witnesses report that the sniper was on the run, others say that he barricaded himself inside the aerodrome.

It is certain that the authorities have not yet managed to capture the man, already identified as Anton Mikhailovich Makarov, a hired soldier of just 20 years old, who, according to the Russian agency Interfax, would be one of those responsible for patrolling the military base.

Also according to this agency, the suspect will have appropriated the firearms of one of the officers before fleeing. According to the El País correspondent in Russia, more than 100 elements of the anti-riot brigade and the National Guard are currently conducting searches, supported by drones, to locate Makarov.

According to TASS, the Russian state agency, the fatal victims of the attack are two officers and a hired soldier. Also according to this agency, based on statements by a source in the Western Military District, to which the attacked military base belongs, the thesis that Makarov suffered a kind of “nervous breakdown” is being considered. There is no news of previous discussions or disagreements between the soldier, hired last spring by the army, and the four attacked soldiers.

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