Actor Sean Connery has died

Scottish actor Sean Connery died on Saturday at the age of 90. Best known for his role in the James Bond-007 saga, the Scottish actor was the first to embody the role in cinema and to play seven of the spy thrillers.

The causes of the deaths are for now unknown.

“Bond, James Bond”, the expression that has become one of the references in the history of cinema, has also turned out to be a mark in Sean Connery’s career.

The performance as 007 ended up standing out and boosting the Scottish actor’s career.

Over the course of several decades, the actor has won several awards, including an Oscar, two Bafta awards and three Golden Globes.

He was part of the cast of films such as “The name of the Rose”, “Indiana Jones and the Great Crusade”, but it was with the performance in “The Untouchables”, in 1988, that he won the first and only Oscar for the best secondary actor.

In the year 2000, the royal distinction would arrive: Queen Isabel II ordered him knight of the British empire. He has been removed from the big screen since 2003. And currently he lived with his wife in the Bahamas.

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