This fruit can help to lower blood sugar
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Pre-diabetics, diabetics, and everyone, in general, should eat this powerful food.

With regard to diabetes, which affects so many people, but also in our general health, an expert reports some exciting news about avocados.

Avocados are really a superfood: rich in vitamins, nutrients, and heart-healthy fats, they can make you feel full for longer, can lower cholesterol, and even help prevent cancer. In addition, they are delicious and fashionable!

As if that were not enough, food science professor Paul Spanguolo tells to the Eat This, Not That! that avocados are essential for diabetics and pre-diabetics and points out that a recent discovery made by his team shows that the fruit is promising to regulate blood sugar levels.

Avocatin B (AvoB) is a bioactive naturally found in certain avocados. “When we talk about bioactive, think of it as the nutrients we get from other foods: we get omega-3 from eating fish and vitamin C from oranges. AvoB is a bioactive ingredient in avocado, which can be an important dietary choice for diabetics and pre-diabetics “, he said.

According to the expert, this bioactive can be used to maintain a healthy metabolism and regulate blood sugar, insulin levels, and weight in adults. These factors are important for everyone but crucial for diabetics and pre-diabetics.

“When your metabolism is working, everything is in balance”, explains the professor. “If your metabolism has become inefficient, you are burning glucose or fat, one more than the other, causing an increase in anyone in your blood,” he adds.

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