Italy is having a great help to catch the second wave: the trauma
Italia Coronavirus

The beginning of the pandemic has punished Italy to such an extent that the European country is now managing to contain the curve, at a time when countries like France or Spain are dealing with the increase in the number of new COVID-19 infections.

Italy wants to overcome the trauma of the beginning of the pandemic and avoid reaching the high numbers that placed this European country at the top of the countries most massacred by the COVID-19.

Currently, the figures point to an average of less than two thousand daily cases, while Spain and France register more than ten thousand a day.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of a second “worrying” wave and predicted that the numbers are showing that. In view of the European scenario, Italy seems to be postponing – or even halting – the second wave of COVID-19 infections.

To The Telegraph, Walter Ricciardi, one of the experts at the Ministry of Health, said that, although Italy did not return to the contagion levels of March, “we have to be careful and not let our guard down.”

In this sense, the use of masks, social distance, and control groups have been fundamental, as well as the incentive to vaccination against influenza and the use of the contact tracking application (Immuni).

The evolution of the Italian curve can be explained by the 14-day quarantine (many European countries have shortened it to seven and 10 days) and by the tragic experience lived at the beginning of the pandemic.

Andrea Crisanti, a molecular parasitologist at Imperial College, told the morning man that “today, the active surveillance strategy we have adopted in Veneto is being used across the country.” “Every time we have a positive case, even asymptomatic, we test everyone who is part of that person’s various family, social, and work networks.”

The Italian Government was also very cautious when opening borders. The European Council recommended reopening to 15 countries, but Italy preferred to maintain restrictions on travelers from countries outside the European Union.

Italy was the second country in the world to suffer strongly from the consequences of the new coronavirus: at the beginning of the pandemic, it was the European country with the most deaths and the first to isolate cities and close citizens at home. The experiment may have provided Italy with the tools to put a brake on a potential second wave.

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