Erdogan warns France to “not conflict with Turkey”
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Turkish President Recep Erdogan warned his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, this Saturday “not to get into conflict with Turkey” when the tension between the two countries about the situation in the Mediterranean rises in tone.

“Don’t try to quarrel with the Turkish people. Don’t try to fight Turkey. You will have problems with me, ”warned Erdogan, in a speech in Istanbul and broadcast on television, referring to Macron’s harsh criticism of Ankara over the conflict between Greece and Turkey over oil and gas prospecting in the eastern Mediterranean.

On Friday, Macron said that Europe needs to be “clear and firm” with the Erdogan government, siding with Greece and Cyprus, at a time when the European Union has decided to impose sanctions on Ankara because of the conflict in the Mediterranean.

Macron even said that the Turkish government had “unacceptable behavior, saying it was necessary to” clarify its intentions “.


Source: Lusa

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