Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN)

The Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) Working Group stemmed out of the ONUG Spring 2014 meeting, where users prioritized this use case as one of the top three. Since spring of 2014, the working group has published a white paper with detailed top 10 requirements, completed feature verification testing, and showcased proof of concept demonstrations based on the requirements.

The work being done in the group is based upon the original use case, included below.

SD-WAN Use Case

Problem Being Solved: High CapEx & OpEx of appliance stacks + circuit cost

  • Poor WAN bandwidth management, visibility & control
  • Branch-to-data center and Branch-to-Branch connectivity
  • No pooling of WAN bandwidth from n service providers

Open Networking Components: Open programmability of branch office routers, SDN controller centralized overlay, white box branch office devices

Gaps: Policy routing for the WAN: QoS to control different bandwidth links and applications

  • WAN acceleration that works, security key rotation, end-end policy enforcement that spans DC to branch, automated provisioning, legacy tie-in

Benefits: Mitigate asymmetric routing, manage flows & utilization of WAN as a multi-carrier pool of bandwidth

  • CapEx & OpEx relief of appliance stacking & circuit cost
  • Monitor apps directed across WAN
  • Direct SLA bound apps on high performance WAN & less mission critical over internet VPN
  • Access independent, 3/4G, Broadband, metro Ethernet, etc.


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